Vision Benefits

The VSP vision program provides eligible employees access to a national network of participating providers. Using an in-network provider gives you the maximum vision benefit. Visit for a list of participating providers. Please note: You won’t receive a Vision ID card. Let your provider know you’re covered by VSP, and supply your Social Security number and the group number: 30022223

Coverage Tier In-Network Out-of-Network
Well Vision Exam (One Exam Per 12-Month Period)
  $10 copay $45
Spectacle Lenses (One Pair Per 12-Month Period)
Single Vision $25 copay $30
Bifocal $25 copay $50
Trifocal $25 copay $65
Frames (Per Pair, One Pair Per 12-Month Period)
  $200 allowance
20% discount on amount over allowance
Elective Contact Lenses (One allowance and One Exam Every 12 Months, Contacts In Lieu of Frames)
  $200 allowance for contact lenses
Contact lens exam not to exceed $60 copay